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Saber Interactive
Mad Dog Games, LLC
8. Mai 2017STEAM
Developers Saber Interactive
Publishers Mad Dog Games, LLC
Release Date 8. Mai 2017


NBA Playgrounds Update 1.1.0

Many thanks for the continued support! We have the best players in the world and we are privileged to serve you.

Update 1.1.0 for PC/Steam brings the heat! Challenge your friends, enemies and other players online. Game on! Friends matchmaking is here. With the new Challenge feature, you’ll be able to directly challenge another player to a game on the Playgrounds. All you have to do is agree on a code, open the online mode, switch to Challenges, enter that code and face each other.

Other additions include a new connection manager, which monitors the connection of players during ranked matches and penalizes disconnections from games that are made to avoid losing. Quitters never prosper on the Playground.

In response to great feedback, we’ve also tweaked the entire shooting system from jump shots, to threes, to dunks, layups, and everything in-between. We’ve redone the timing, added a meter, and clarified the entire system. Keep those comments coming!

As a big thank you to our rabid fans, we’ve also added 15 new players, including Isaiah Thomas and Dennis Rodman! Those two all-stars and 13 others can be unlocked regularly through player packs, earned during the tournament or when leveling up your profile.

Thanks again for all your great feedback and support. Update 1.1.0 is the beginning. We’re only days from launch and we’re already making the game better thanks to your feedback. You rock!

New Features:
- Added: The Challenge Mode feature, which allows you to challenge other players to online matches
o You can now switch between unranked challenges and ranked games in the online mode
o To challenge another player, you must switch to the challenge mode in the online menu and define a challenge code. By default, your challenge code is your nickname, but you can change it to your own, personal code. The person you are challenging must enter your code.
o If you have been challenged, please enter your challenger’s code and press “Accept”.
o All challenges are unranked and your ranking/ELO will be unaffected by the results of the challenge.
- Added: Toxicity system/Disconnection Manager, which penalizes players who abandon matches in any other way than surrendering
- Added: 5 new versions of Shaquille O´Neal in various teams from his career (Boston Celtics, Miami Heat, Phoenix Suns, Cleveland Cavaliers, Orlando Magic)
- Added: 15 new players join the roster
o The following players were added: Dennis Rodman, Isaiah Thomas, Larry Bird, Giannis Antetokoumnpo, Kenny Smith, Gary Payton, Klay Thompson, Devin Booker, Tony Parker, Kemba Walker, Seth Curry, Tiny Archibald, John Starks, Tracy McGrady, Pete Maravich
- Added: A shot-meter was added to help finding the perfect timing for shots, dunks etc.
- Added: Steam Cloud Save support
- Added: Steam Big Picture keyboard management
Notable Changes:

- Adjusted: Shots were adjusted to make the system more accessible and unified throughout all variations
- Adjusted: The steal action was adjusted further to better fit the intended gameplay
o It is now possible to perform a steal action when behind an opponent
- Changed: 3 pointers no longer fill lottery pick bar
- Increased: The difficulty of 3 pointers was increased
- Reduced: The number of steals required for the Las Vegas Challenge #2 was reduced to 10 (was 15)
- Reduced: The number of 3-pointers needed for the Paris Challenge #4 was reduced to 6 (was 7)
- Reduced: The number of 3-pointers needed for the London Challenge #1 was reduced to 6 (was 10)
- Reduced: The number of 3-pointers needed for the Las Vegas Challenge #3 was reduced to 8 (was 12)
- Reduced: The inbound time was reduced to adjust it to the overall style of the game

Notable Fixes:

- Fixed: Issues related to the strength of the force feedback effects were addressed

Über das Spiel

Die klassische NBA-Arcade-Action ist zurück! Gib auf dem Playground dein Bestes und schlage die Besten in spannenden Basketballspielen 2 gegen 2. Verfeinere deine Fähigkeiten offline, spiele mit bis zu drei anderen Spielern auf PC oder nutze dein Talent online, um deine Gegner mit akrobatischen Dunks und krassen Spielzügen zu überwältigen.

• Leicht zu erlernen, schwer zu meistern
• 2-gegen-2-Arcade-NBA-Action
• Offline- und Online-Multiplayer
• Gewaltige Auswahl aktueller und ehemaliger NBA-Superstars
• Alle offiziellen NBA-Teams
• Reise zu Playgrounds in der ganzen Welt
• Hunderte Dunks und Moves
• Sammle all deine Lieblingsspieler
• Verbessere deine Spieler mit der Zeit
• Mess dich mit dem Meister des Playground persönlich – Allen Iverson
• Nach Veröffentlichung werden noch mehr NBA-Superstars hinzugefügt

"Bring dein Spiel auf ein neues Level!"


Icon Name Description Unlocked
First Taste of Victory First Taste of Victory Win your first game No
Hail Mary Hail Mary Score from your backcourt without using a lottery pick No
The Gold Standard The Gold Standard Reach gold level with one player No
Your Pain, My Gain Your Pain, My Gain Activate 5 Lottery Picks in the same game No
Aerial Attack Ace Aerial Attack Ace Execute 50 alley-oops No
Buzzer Beater Boss Buzzer Beater Boss Score at the last second No
Bad Slama Jama Bad Slama Jama Score 100 dunks No
Deadly From Downtown Deadly From Downtown Score 150 three-pointers No
Bracket Beast Bracket Beast Win all 6 initial tournaments No
Rise to the Challenge Rise to the Challenge Unlock all tournament challenges No
Fifty Deep Fifty Deep Unlock the first 50 players No
Keep It 100 Keep It 100 Unlock the first 100 players No
Earn a Buck Fiddy Earn a Buck Fiddy Unlock the first 150 players No
IconFirst Taste of VictoryHail MaryThe Gold StandardYour Pain, My GainAerial Attack AceBuzzer Beater BossBad Slama JamaDeadly From DowntownBracket BeastRise to the ChallengeFifty DeepKeep It 100Earn a Buck Fiddy
NameFirst Taste of VictoryHail MaryThe Gold StandardYour Pain, My GainAerial Attack AceBuzzer Beater BossBad Slama JamaDeadly From DowntownBracket BeastRise to the ChallengeFifty DeepKeep It 100Earn a Buck Fiddy
DescriptionWin your first gameScore from your backcourt without using a lottery pickReach gold level with one playerActivate 5 Lottery Picks in the same gameExecute 50 alley-oopsScore at the last secondScore 100 dunks Score 150 three-pointersWin all 6 initial tournamentsUnlock all tournament challengesUnlock the first 50 playersUnlock the first 100 playersUnlock the first 150 players