ShuriZma: Max Stern

Max Stern

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Lupan Artiom Oleg
21. Okt. 20163,99€STEAM
Developers Lupan Artiom Oleg
Publishers None
Release Date 21. Okt. 2016
Price 3,99€


Max Stern is a story driven platformer with a brief but intricate plot, referring to a sequence of events, which happened in alternative history in the mid-19th century.
While Victorian England just began harvesting the successful results or Her Vaporous Majesty reign, on the outskirts of the great empire there took place some events, completely ignored by the wider society.
Believe or not, the wandering island with thick jungle and tumble-down buildings, swarming with armed skeletons, is not a proper place to be. Don’t panic! As a battle-seasoned smuggler, you’ll clear the way through all the obstacles to your airship.

One day, as Max, a former officer of Her Vaporous Majesty, transported contraband cargo of ammunition, his airship was knocked out over a mysterious tropical island. The force of impact threw Max out of the airship, while it kept moving on automatic pilot and finally fell to the ground at the other end of the island.
When Max came to himself in the jungle, he decided to move through the thicket to find his airship or at least its debris. At that moment he didn’t even imagine the hell, he would go through…
Find out the destiny of Spanish colonists and native Indians, who became a part of a monstrous story. Help Max to bring together all the pieces of this exiting and complicated chronicle and attempt to solve riddles no human is supposed to know. Try to save your life and unintentionally become a witness of some horrific events, which took place many centuries ago.

  • An island full of dangers, traps and ruthless enemies
  • You’ll have various guns to grind your vicious foes into dust
  • If at any point your guns seem insufficient, use mines with no doubt
  • Although not very smart, the skeletons are not an easy mark at all. As they are equipped and armed differently, some of them will make you struggle for your life real hard
  • Sometimes shooting is not enough, and you’ll have to solve puzzles to come up with it
  • Try your luck and find hidden places and secret levels


Icon Name Description Unlocked
Target Destroyer Target Destroyer Hit the target with a grenade. No
Music Maniac Music Maniac Find a gramophone. No
Scrap Metal Chief Scrap Metal Chief Destroy the giant robot. No
Rocket Lord Rocket Lord Launch the rocket. No
Born To Be Free Born To Be Free Complete the game. No
Ride The Lightning Ride The Lightning Be reckless and die laser burnt. No
Mechanic Mechanic Fix the bridge mechanism. No
Bomber Bomber Blow up the barrier. No
Wall Rammer Wall Rammer Ram the wall. No
Peak Master Peak Master Climb to the top. No
IconTarget DestroyerMusic ManiacScrap Metal ChiefRocket LordBorn To Be FreeRide The LightningMechanicBomberWall RammerPeak Master
NameTarget DestroyerMusic ManiacScrap Metal ChiefRocket LordBorn To Be FreeRide The LightningMechanicBomberWall RammerPeak Master
DescriptionHit the target with a grenade.Find a gramophone.Destroy the giant robot.Launch the rocket.Complete the game.Be reckless and die laser burnt.Fix the bridge mechanism.Blow up the barrier.Ram the wall.Climb to the top.