ShuriZma: Human, we have a problem

Human, we have a problem

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Enrick Lambert
Enrick Lambert
5. Juli 20168,19€STEAM
Developers Enrick Lambert
Publishers Enrick Lambert
Release Date 5. Juli 2016
Price 8,19€


"Human, We Have A Problem" is a retro based arcade game mixed with a subtle indie flavor. Collect and throw cosmic rocks with your powerful slingshot to destroy asteroids and aliens. Defend your tiny planet and get on top of the Leader board !

- Asteroid Points -

Size 1 [Biggest] -> 250 Points (Long Shot x1.5 = 375 Points)
Size 2 -> 500 Points (Long Shot x1.5 = 750 Points)
Size 3 -> 850 Points (Long Shot x1.5 = 1275 Points)
Size 4 [Smallest] -> 1000 Points (Long Shot x1.5 = 1500 Points)

- Alien Points -

Big Alien Ship -> 500 Points
Small Alien Ship -> 1500 Points


Icon Name Description Unlocked
Engineer Engineer Wind Control No
Random Button Random Button Hit the random button 50 times No
Eat Healthy Eat Healthy Eat one fruit from the small garden No
Secrete Sheep Secrete Sheep Find the secret sheep No
Longshot Pro Longshot Pro Do more than 500 long shots No
Alien !!! Alien !!! Destroy more than 50 aliens No
25k 25k Reach more than 25,000 points No
75k 75k Reach more than 75,000 points No
250k 250k Reach more than 250,000 points No
A lot of balls A lot of balls Pick up more than 500 balls No
IconEngineerRandom ButtonEat HealthySecrete SheepLongshot ProAlien !!!25k75k250kA lot of balls
NameEngineerRandom ButtonEat HealthySecrete SheepLongshot ProAlien !!!25k75k250kA lot of balls
DescriptionWind ControlHit the random button 50 timesEat one fruit from the small gardenFind the secret sheepDo more than 500 long shotsDestroy more than 50 aliensReach more than 25,000 pointsReach more than 75,000 pointsReach more than 250,000 pointsPick up more than 500 balls