ShuriZma: Inexistence


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Developers Publishers Release DatePriceShop
18. Apr. 20162,99€STEAM
Developers Jonathan BRASSAUD
Publishers Jonathan BRASSAUD
Release Date 18. Apr. 2016
Price 2,99€


Hald and his sister are "Keepers", chosen by the gods, their existence maintains order and balance in the world. But peace is not something everyone desires... Claos, a man filled with dark purpose, decides to plunge the girl in a deep slumbers, in order to break the balance and made evil. His younger brother, Hald, decides to find Claos and break the spell, regardless of the means used. For this it will have to cover a vast world full of mystery and danger...

Inexistence is an independent game developed by Jonathan Brassaud, currently in development for PC.
Discover a vast world full of mysteries and action in this Metroidvania-style game inspired by the classics of the 16-bit era.


  • Many varied places, in a pixel art style worthy of the great hits of the SNES era
  • RPG Elements enabling customize the stats and equipment of heroes, and get new abilities as you go
  • Varied bestiary, with imposing bosses
  • Many annex quests and hidden places
  • Multiple difficulty levels.
  • Many Steam achievements, trading cards, and badges, for lovers of challenges and collection.


Icon Name Description Unlocked
Killer Killer Beat 100 monsters No
Scrooge Scrooge Save up 2500 coins No
Battle Master Battle Master Obtain all skills No
Narkissos Narkissos Be narcissistic No
Jigsaw Jigsaw Find the 7 pieces of puzzle No
Adventurer Adventurer Obtain all equipments No
Champion Champion Reach level 25 No
Treasure Hunter Treasure Hunter Open all chests No
Bolt Bolt Complete the game within 1:30 No
Hard Mode Hard Mode Beat the game on Hard mode No
IconKillerScroogeBattle MasterNarkissosJigsawAdventurerChampionTreasure HunterBoltHard Mode
NameKillerScroogeBattle MasterNarkissosJigsawAdventurerChampionTreasure HunterBoltHard Mode
DescriptionBeat 100 monstersSave up 2500 coinsObtain all skillsBe narcissisticFind the 7 pieces of puzzleObtain all equipmentsReach level 25Open all chestsComplete the game within 1:30Beat the game on Hard mode