ShuriZma: Chasm


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Bit Kid, Inc.
Bit Kid, Inc.
30. Juli 20188,39€STEAM
Developers Bit Kid, Inc.
Publishers Bit Kid, Inc.
Release Date 30. Juli 2018
Price 8,39€


Welcome to Chasm, an action-adventure game in which you play a new recruit undertaking your first mission for the Guildean Kingdom. Thrilled to prove your worth as a knight, you track strange rumors that a mine vital to the Kingdom has been shut down. But what you discover in the mining town is worse than you imagined: The townspeople have disappeared, kidnapped by supernatural creatures emerging from the depths.

Honor-bound to solve the mystery and restore peace to the Kingdom, you embark upon an epic adventure, with deadly battles against cunning monsters, exploration of ancient catacombs and castles, and powerful new equipment hidden at every turn. Though the overall story is the same for all players, your hero's journey will be unique: each of the rooms has been hand-designed, and behind the scenes Chasm stitches these rooms together into a one-of-a-kind world map that will be your own.

Key Features

  • Explore six massive procedurally-assembled areas from hand-crafted rooms
  • Enjoy challenging retro gameplay and authentic pixel art (384x216 native res.)
  • Battle massive bosses and discover new abilities to reach previously inaccessible areas
  • Customize your character by equipping armor, weapons, and spells
  • Arcade Mode with Daily and Weekly Challenges
  • Windows, Mac, & Linux versions with full Gamepad support


Icon Name Description Unlocked
Warrior Warrior Defeat 100 enemies. No
Monster Slayer Monster Slayer Defeat 1,000 enemies. No
Wendigo Wendigo Defeat the Wendigo. No
Bone Worm Bone Worm Defeat the Bone Worm. No
Titan Titan Defeat the Titan. No
King Trell King Trell Defeat King Trell. No
Shaman Shaman Defeat the Shaman. No
Ulak Ulak Defeat Ulak. No
Big Spender Big Spender Spend 5,000 gold. No
Bookworm Bookworm Find all the Journal Entries in the game. No
Superhero Superhero Find all the Powerups in the game. No
Crate Buster Crate Buster Break all the crates in the game. No
Socialite Socialite Rescue all the missing villagers. No
Good Samaritan Good Samaritan Complete all villager sidequests. No
Explorer Explorer Explore 100% of the map. No
Zoologist Zoologist Unlock all the Bestiary entries. No
Prizefighter Prizefighter Defeat a boss without getting hit. No
Guildean Knight Guildean Knight Complete the game on Hard difficulty. No
Mere Mortal Mere Mortal Complete the game as a Mortal. No
Gladiator Gladiator Become the Arena champion. No
IconWarriorMonster SlayerWendigoBone WormTitanKing TrellShamanUlakBig SpenderBookwormSuperheroCrate BusterSocialiteGood SamaritanExplorerZoologistPrizefighterGuildean KnightMere MortalGladiator
NameWarriorMonster SlayerWendigoBone WormTitanKing TrellShamanUlakBig SpenderBookwormSuperheroCrate BusterSocialiteGood SamaritanExplorerZoologistPrizefighterGuildean KnightMere MortalGladiator
DescriptionDefeat 100 enemies.Defeat 1,000 enemies.Defeat the Wendigo.Defeat the Bone Worm.Defeat the Titan.Defeat King Trell.Defeat the Shaman.Defeat Ulak.Spend 5,000 gold.Find all the Journal Entries in the game.Find all the Powerups in the game.Break all the crates in the game.Rescue all the missing villagers.Complete all villager sidequests.Explore 100% of the map.Unlock all the Bestiary entries.Defeat a boss without getting hit.Complete the game on Hard difficulty.Complete the game as a Mortal.Become the Arena champion.